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    High Defination Lead Edge Feeder Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine with Stacker

    Product Details


    Quality: Due to high requirements for mechanical quality, raw materials selection, processing, assembly of industrial control over the industry standard, using the new design, quality management system, comprehensive tracking to every detail, delivery to the customer in both hardware and software are a high quality equipment.

    Stable: The lead feeder, servo phase, vacuum adsorption, many rows dislocation arrangement design, favors the cardboard stable transmission. Reinforced frame positioning device, gear direct rigid connection in the wallboard, imported gear from Taiwan and bearing from japan with high speed and long-term stability, with integral anilox roller lift version to keep promotion assure printing, the whole machine adopts the French Schneider electric, host, fan, PLC, touch screen use GERMAN SIEMENS. 

    Precision: Rubber roller surface with double glue technology, low pressure transmission from the impact of the pneumatic pressure, can control the whole vacuum adsorption, more with a word dislocation encryption round ceramic array, cardboard more adsorption, without beating, the overall precision of the anilox roller transmission device, full speed to reduce anilox roller beating, with servo phase adjustment increase anilox roller printing quality, down adjustment pressure structure of the die cutting roller keep paperboard line transmission precision guarantee. 

    Efficiency: Patent type feeding width automatic adjustment device and printing locking device with screw. With 4.0 engineering design of industrialization, both hardware and software are charged with the author’s high efficiency tools. Feeding – dust removing – printing – pre drying- coating- drying-slotting- die cutting-gluer line- case maker 

    Service: Based on the industry’s first use of PDM design file management system, complete technical support files, regardless of the long time can still be credible commitment to customers, continuous and efficient after-service for the customer support. This machine also with long-range control with internet. We can monitoring the machine and do service in China office. 

    Model 9251228
    Wall board thickness60mm60mm
    Max Machine Speed (pcs/min)250250
    Economic Working Speed (pcs/min)200200
    Max. Feeding Size(mm)900×25001200x2800
    Min. Feeding Size (mm)300x600350x650
    Skip-feeding Size(mm)1200×25001400×2800
    Standard Plate Thickness (mm)3.93.9
    Min. slotter distance POSITIVE150X150X150X150150X150X150X150
    Min. slotter distance NEGATIVE260X75X260X75260X75X260X75
    Max slotter depth (mm)300300
    Print precision (mm)±0.3±0.3
    Slot precision (mm)±1.0±1.0
    Die cut precision(mm)±1.0±1.0
    Suitable Cardboard Thickness (mm)2 - 112 - 11



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