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    3/5/7 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

    Product Details




    Use and Characteristics:

    This production line is available in large amount automatic production, which can produce corrugated paperboard correspond to national standard with high quality, and adopted concentrated control, operarated and repaired easily, safely, reliable, reducing manpower, This production line adopts international energy saveing technology with oil heating, which can saveing 40 percents energy than steam heating, So this can reduce costs effectively. It's an economical production in big, middle paperboard commpany.

    1. Total Length: 40-70m

    2. Total Power: 100-200kw

    3. Two kind of frame with shaft and frame without shaft, provide the customer with the choice.

    4. Corrugated paperboard marching: diameter of corrugated rouer: 280-406mm, electric adjust speed moter used.

    5. Double cylinder gum mounting marchine: On the adoption, inside two layers draw the gun, dascend to carry the paper lead the paper roller.

    6. Oven: total length 7.8m, combined with 9-18 heating flocks.

    7. Setting Part: total length 3.8-5 m, combined weith some pairs of symmetrical shafts.

    8. Horizontal,Lengthuays slicing marchine: Common knife or superthin knife selected based on customer's demand,high automatiealy, handy operating.


    specificationEquipment nameUNITQTYRemark
    YV5BHydraulic shaftless mill roll standa5Spindle ¢ 240mm, hyperbolic heavy rocker, expand chuck , multi-point brake, hydraulic drive lifting, panning left and right on the middle.Guide rail length 6000mm,use of plate welding。Rail length6000mm,trolley used 10mm plate welding。

    Paper trolleya10
    RG-1-900Top paper preheat cylindera2roller ¢900mm,including pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angle。Wrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.
    RG-1-900Core paper preheat cylindera2roller ¢900mm,including pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angle。Wrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.
    SF-320CFingerless type single facera2Corrugated main roller ¢320mm,material with 48CrMo alloy steel,tungsten carbide dealing,Tile roll modular group lifting transfer.Airbag ballasting structure,import main bearing,PLC automatic control glue,HMI touch screen,Breaks automatic parking relief,steam heating way.
    RG-3-900Triple preheatera1roller ¢900mm,including pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angle。Wrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.
    GM-20Double  glue machinea1Glue roller diameter 269mm.Each independent frequency motor drive, glue roller diameter 269mm.Each independent frequency motor drive,PLC adjust glue gap and HMI.
    TQ heavy type conveyor bridgeset1200mm main beam channels, independent inverter motor drive pull paper feed, adsorption tension.Electric correction。
    SM-FDouble facerset1Rack 360 mm GB channel,Chrome hot plate 600 mm *16 pieces,The whole structure of the hot plate design.PLC automatic control press plate. Temperature display, frequency motor.
    NCBDNCBD thin blade slitter scorera1Tungsten alloy steel,  five knives eight lines,zero-pressure line type. Schneider servo computer automatically discharge knife, suction outlet width automatically adjusted.
    NC-150NC cutter helical knivesa1Full AC servo control, energy storage brake, helical blade structure, oil-immersed gears,10.4-inch touch screen display.
    DM-XLMcomputer gantry automatic stacking machinea1Servo drive platform lifting, three section of frequency transport,automatic points stack discharge,Imported high-strength belt output, out paper side standard transport aircraft.
    ZJZGlue station systemset1Customers -owned pipeline。Glue configuration is composed by carrier tank、main tank、storage tank、and send plastic pump、back plastic pump。
    QUGas source systema1Air source、pipeline is prepared by the customers.
    ZQSteam systemset1Steam system components used in all GB valves。Including rotary joint,upper and lower dispenser。traps,pressure table and so on。Customer-owned boilers and pipes.
    DQElectrical control cabinet systemset1Electronic control system::fingerless single facer、driving part、NC thin blade slitter scorer、double facer、glue machine all adopt frequency motor,delta frequency control system.operation interface easy and  convenient,Speed display control cabinet with each unit speed display, the unit call, emergency stop function.The main relays Schneider brand.  


    type:WJ150-1800-Ⅱtype five layer corrugated paperboard production line:

    1Effective width1800mm2Design produce speed150m/min
    3Three layer work speed100-140m/min4Five layer work speed90-130m/min
    5Seven layer work speed-------------------6The highest change single speed100m/min
    7Longitudinal separation accuracy±1mm8Cross-cutting precision±1mm
    noteSpeed the above targets required to achieve:effective width1800mm,Comply with the following standards and ensure the paper's equipment condition 175 ℃ heating surface temperature.
    Top  paper index100g/㎡--180g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥8    (Water containing8-10%)
    Core paper index80g/㎡--160g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥5.5  (Water containing8-10%)
    In paper index90g/㎡--160g/㎡    Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥6    (Water containing8-10%)
    9Flute combination
    10Steam requirementThe maximum pressure 16kg/cm2Common pressure10-12kg/cm2use4000kg/Hr
    11Electricity demandAC380V 50Hz 3PHTotal power≈220KWRunning Power≈150KW
    12Compressed airThe maximum pressure 9kg/cm2Common pressure4-8kg/cm2use1m3/min
    13space≈Lmin70m*Wmin10m*Hmin5m(The actual drawing to provider to provide audited prevail)

    Customer-owned section
    1、 Steam heating system: proposal with 4000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler    pressure:1.25Mpa    steam pipeline
    2、 Air compressed machine、air pipeline、glue conveying pipe
    3、 Power supply、wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe
    4、 Water sources、water pipelines、buckets and so on
    5、 Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation
    6、 Test with the base paper、corn starch (potato)、Industrial use caustic soda、borax and other material
    7、 Oil equipment、lubricating oil、hydraulic oil、lubricating grease


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