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    Auto Set Automatic Folder Glue r Machine

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    ◆Automatic paste box machine, this machine compared with manual paste box can save alot of artificial, saving the cost of halfglue, and glue is not glue, small investment, low malfunction and can reduce the dependence on skl led workers, but also savethe production space, for efficiency, quality, double harvest.Color printing plant, paper products factory and other packagingenterprises use this model to help you

    The machine is mainly composed of a and automatic paper; B.Automati o glue coating; C, automatic replacement; D, auto maicaccumulation counting out of the heap; E.Automatic binding(optional) :F.Components of the electric appliance.

    ◆The paper adopts imported paper belt to feed the paper, and automatically input the stacking code to ensure the smooth andhighspeed of the paper.The unique mechanical design can quickly and easily adjust, side guide board, paper knife and paperbelt are separated, easy to replace the paste size

    ◆A.The width of the adhesive is 20-30mm and the gluing method is applied.B.According to the box plastic box, it can be movedaround; C, the amount of paste can be controlled, the glue quantity is stable, the capacity is large, the maintenance is simple; D.All materials are made of pure stainless steel, never rust and durable




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