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    Automatic Up Stacker Machine

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Effective width: 1400mm- 2500mm, design speed: 200m/min-250m/min

    2. Maximum heap height: 250mm maximum stack length: 3500mm

    3. Gantry stack. Change the single time 5 seconds, can automatically count, automatically roll out, automatic change.

    4. Synchronous with the raw tube system, order management, centralized management, and no slow automatic change of orders.

    5. The waste of raw tube is less than 700mm

    6. Crawler stacked platform, ac servo control elevating, stacking code smoothly and neatly.

    7. The frequency conversion control automatically smoothly and horizontally out of the paper when the stack reaches the set number.

    8. Ac servo control positioning of rear baffle, automatic, rapid and accurate adjustment when changing the order.

    9. The rear baffle can be shifted automatically, suitable for small order piling.

    10. Delivery side standard with electric conveyor, and double station wagon.

    11. Independent seal control cabinet, electrical equipment operating in dustfree environment.

    12. Color touch screen display, convenient site operation.

    13. Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency, save manpower and reduce the labor intensity of operators.


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