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    2ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Effective width: 1600-2200mm

    2. Maximum speed: 150m/min

    3. The number of slitting knives: 5

    4. Minimum slitting width: 180mm

    5. Cutting time: 3-8s

    6. Blade accuracy: 0.5mm

    7. Cross-cutting length: 300~9999mm

    8. Crosscutting accuracy: 1mm (constant speed)

    9. Stacking height: 250~600mm (according to customers' needs)

    10. Maximum carton length: 1600mm

    11. Constant tension paperboard conveying speed is strictly synchronized with the

    speed of the single-side machine.

    12. Alloy steel thin knife slitting, automatic grinding knife, blade life long, cutting

    quality high.

    13. Single servo control with longitudinal cutting knife, the list is fast, accurate and


    14. Adjust the speed inverter motor and frequency converter, adjust the speed of

    the board.

    15. The position of the left and right suction side of the blade should be adjusted

    with the edge tool.

    16. The crosscutting cabinet adopts high quality casting, strict aging treatment,

    precise processing, and long-term stable operation of the equipment.

    17. Alloy steel seamless steel tube spiral cutter shaft, economic processing,

    dynamic balance correction, high rigidity, small inertia.

    18. Crosscutting knife USES the German kobe communication servo controller.


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