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    Helical Knife NC Cutting Machine

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Design Speed: 100-150m/min; Effective width: 1400-2200mm

    2. Can store 200 sets of orders, change the cutting paper specifications quickly and accurately, do not stop changing the order, and can realize the computer networking, facilitate the production management.

    3. The gear shaft transmission gear adopts the high frequency quenching of fine forging steel material to realize the no-side gap drive, and adopts the advanced seamless connection mode and the transmission precision is high.

    4. Transverse cutter blade with blade structure, sawtooth blade. Shear shear force, small shear force, long blade life.

    5. Both front and rear paper wheels are made of the sun wheel, which is smooth and smooth, with uniform pressure, not easy to press down or cause blockage.

    6. This model is energy storage brake (non-energy consumption braking). Therefore, low energy consumption during the production process, the average electricity consumption is 1/3 of the ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70%, and achieving the goal of saving money.

    7. Precision adjustable gap gear ensures precise meshing and running balance.

    8. Use independent oil pump and filter to match the oil supply, lubrication and cooling of each gear.

    9. Knife roller: high quality precision forging steel with good balance.


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