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    Online Computer Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Mechanical speed: 200m/min, 250m/min. Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm

    2. Can store 999 sets of orders, and realize automatic exchange of orders or manual change without shutdown.

    3. Arbitrary servo control of slitting knife and line wheel, the list is fast and accurate.

    4. The front and rear pressure line wheel is configured, and the pressure line wheel can realize zero voltage.

    5. Automatic tracking of production line speed to ensure its synchronization with production management system and strong compatibility.

    6. With high quality imported industrial computer and high performance programmable controller, the computer control system of the lower computer.

    7. Three types of pressure line: convex to concave (three-tier), convex to concave (five-layer line), convex to flat, three kinds of pressure line type can be electric conversion. The depth of the line wheel can be controlled by the computer automatically, the line is good, easy to bend.

    8. With thin tungsten steel alloy knife, the blade is sharp and the service life is more than 8 million long meters.

    9. Grinding knife for computer control automatic grinder or manual grinding knife, edge cutting edge sharpening knife, improve production efficiency.

    10. Adopt import synchronous driving device, accurate accuracy, long life and low noise.

    11. The label and the suction and waste mouth, the position of the left and right suction of the left and right side will be adjusted with the knife.


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