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    SF-360E/320E Cassette Single Facer

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    1. 360E design speed: 200m/min 320E design speed: 180m/min

    2. Effective width: 1400mm- 2200mm.

    3. Corrugated roller diameter: φ360mm φ320mm

    4. Adopt negative pressure type design, so that the core paper can be uniformly pressed and attached to corrugated surface, evenly coated with glue to make the single corrugated corrugated paper better.

    5. Fast change roller, 10 minutes, replace the corrugated roller with electric trolley, into the machine, fixed on the machine base, quick and easy to replace the corrugated roll.

    6. Corrugated roller and wall-e roller are adopted with high stability air bag control system.

    7. The control of glue volume control adopts electric adjustment, the rubber device is electric, and the gluing system can operate independently when the host stops, preventing the glue from drying up.

    8. The portable gluing system is more convenient for maintenance and maintenance than cleaning.

    9. Simple operation control system, touch screen operation interface, display operation state with color drawing, easy to operate.

    10. Built-in preset with spray system to adjust core paper temperature and moisture.


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