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    EcoAutomatic Stitcher And Glue r Machine

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    electric control part.PLC control touchscreen input data, nail box action servomotor control simple and reliable operation, Automatic paper feeding, automat c

    The practical and automatic gluing machine wth five servomotors is composed of paper feeding part folding part, nail box part, counting output part andfolding, automatic correction, automatic na ling, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, synchronous adjustment before and after the whole machine,machine, one key conversion, left and right lateral movement, and independent operation dung the tacking opera in, which makes the ad us mentmoreorder storage, distinguishing the working defects of the box gluing machine and then a ling machine set, separating the nail g lung up and down of the mainconvenient, fast and efficient.Advanced technology and reliable qualit

    A ode wearasantsuconbetsadopld and tearvoumeoloachbolcanbo cobol ads ap aaa.To en uab aapa.bars.ooa cofeeding section adopts double drive servo to separate the paper feeding before and atter, and each paperboard is separately and accurately transported beforeand after, so that the positioning is more accurate.The front baffle of the paper feeding section is electrical y adjusted on the left and r ght, and the front paperfeeding section is electrically adjusted.It is convenient and fast to meet the paper supply requirements of various speci ications of cartons.

    The paste box adopts the way of applying glue under the knurled wheel which is even, no missing and saves glue.In the gluing part, the tongue ofpaperboard isp repressed up and down again to make the carton forming more standard

    B、Folding part

    The folding part is equipped with multipass rolling wheels, and the original rolling line is rolled again for the second roling in e of paperboard.The featuresof the machine are that the whole process of paper feeding is adopted from the leading edge to the nail box part so that the carton is firmly adsorbed on thepaper feeding belt, and there is no dislocation and scratch on the surface of the carton, Especialy, it has a better protec ve effect on the lamina ig box and thepolishing box to ensure that the paperboard does hot deviate, and completely so ves the defects existing in the automatic simultaneous operat on of high-gradeand low-grade boxes

    Correction unit

    corrected as a whole again before the nail box The correction department adopts servomotor for correction, so as to ensure that the nailed carton has noThe biggest feature of this machine is that there will be a shaping device behind the folding part and in front of the nail box, and the folded carton wll bescissors mouth and ensure the quality requirements of the carton

    D、Nail box

    damaged.The speed of nailcanreach1000nailsper minute.The head of this machine is directly driven by imported servomotor, and the speed iso ficient.

    The head of the nail box machine is a swing rod type fixed head made of special materials, which is wear-resistant and stable, and is not easy to bestable and accurate.The automatic wire feeding of 2platesand20kgis adopted for the nail thread at a time, which reduces the wire changing time.

    E、Counting and stacking output unit

    Complete the carton, and then pat, count, stack and send out the carton automatically

    technical parameter



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