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    HighSpeed Auto Stitcher And Gluer Machine

    Product Details

    Use and Characteristics:

    ◆The main features of this mach ne are full computer conrol easy opera in.sabi equal y, speed to acheveeconomcbeneflsgeay savingmanpower

    ◆This nailing machine is an all-in-one pasting machine, which can paste boxes, nail ig boxes, or paste f stand then nail once.3-5mnutes tocomplete the order change setting, you can mass production(with order memory function)

    ◆Paste box nail box really achieve one-key conversion function(original creation in China)Suitable for three, five, single board.A.B.Can dAB flute board nail.Electric adjustment of line pressureWith the pressure line function of each group(domestic initiative) , the forming effect is better.Nail distance range:The minimum nail distance is40mm and the maximum nail distance range is500mm.Maximumnailingspeed:1200nailing/min

    Speed with three nails for example the top speed is140per minute

    ◆It can automatically complete the output work of paper folding, dev lation correction, na ling box, paste box and coun ng heap

    ◆Single and double nails can be adjusted freely.

    ◆The swngingypenalingheadis adopted, which has the advantages of ow power consump tin, faster speed, more stabilyandefecvely

    ◆improving the gualtyapdingPsed for second a rcmp en satin and core tion of miss ng box pieces to em nae the sss or sm out

    ◆Nail boxes are more perfect

    ◆The st ching pressure can be adjusted automatical accord ng to the cardboard hick ness

    ◆Automat w refeeding machine can realize wire detect in, w re breakage, wired elect in ater use.



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