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    Double Facer Machine

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    1. Design speed: 200-250m/min, width of 1800mm-2500mm

    2. Automatic control of computer interface PLC, the number of heating plates and the pressure size of automatic switch, so as to ensure the good condition of the corrugated peaks of different grams of heavy corrugated paper.

    3. The surface of the heating plate is treated with the eye film and hard chromium plated. 600 mm wide. 18-22 block options.

    4. Thermal pressure plate structure can be used to adjust the pressure (optional) according to the thickness of the production board.

    5. The upper cotton ribbon is equipped with double cylinder s-type cotton belt tensioning device. Select manual or automatic tape - belt rectifying device.

    6. The drive department adopts independent gearbox. Electromagnetic speed regulating motor or variable frequency motor drive.

    7. The driving roller surface is coated with wear-resistant rubber, which has a human font structure and a medium height to ensure the smooth output of the paperboard.


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