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    Fully Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Machine

    Product Details


    Use and Characteristics:

    ZXJ series full automatic viscous box machine is designed for the replacement of pure manual paste box forming business. For the most part, for example, the current domestic packaging enterprise is pure manual work, this leads to paste box forming processes across the enterprise become more of choose and employ persons, covers an area of large, low efficiency and poor quality, especially the domestic corrugated carton glue, glue, glue rickety problems emerge in endlessly, to the enterprise production management, economy, reputation has brought a lot of disadvantage. For these reasons, our company developed ZXJ series automatic box gluing machine, this machine compared with manual paste box can save a lot of artificial, saving the cost of half glue, and glue is not glue, small investment, low malfunction and can reduce the dependence on skilled workers, but also save the production space, for efficiency, quality, double harvest. Color printing plant,

    paper products factory and other packaging enterprises will be able to help you with this machine.

    A, adapt to corrugated board A, B, C, AB, lenz, three and five layers of cardboard.

    B, reduce manpower dependence, replace nail box homework.

    C. The glue is not uniform and easy to dry and clean.

    D. The cartons with good paste are strong, smooth and clean.

    E, fewer people, fast speed, 2 people on paper, 2 people tied, 2 people back and forth, 8 hours more than 100,000.

    F, suitable for export packing, environmental protection packaging, such as beverage box, beer box, instant noodles box, ceramic tile

    case, etc.

    Counter & Stacker section:

    ◆ Vacuum suction feeding to feed warping paperboard easily.

    ◆ Digital control,operation easily and reliable.No-stop put in data and automatic counting.

    ◆ With rectification function.

    ◆ Paperboard counting and put out by pneumatic, stable and quickly.

    Feeding section:

    ◆ Vacuum suction feeding to feed warping paperboard easily.

    ◆ Quality electromagnetic clutch and brake adopted,feeding section controled independent,operation easily

    ◆ Scorer wheel adjustable,suit for 2-8mm thick paperboard

    ◆ Second creasing struction can impress again the paperboard which was not creased well;

    Glue&Folding section:

    ◆ Simpless structure and high reliability, glue quantity adjustable, cleaning easily.

    ◆ Stainless steel glue wheel adopted, long life and saving glue cost:

    ◆ Imported quality rubber belt adopted,automatic folding.

    ◆ With paperboard rectify device and creasing rectify device:

    Technological parameter

     Installation area22800×15500mm23000×15500mm
     Power Required11.5kw13.5kw


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