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    Fully Automatic Carton Stitching Machine

    Product Details


    The Function And Characteristic

    ◆ The machine full computer control automatic tuning single, easy to operate, simple; Can store 1000 nail single;

    ◆ Screw mixer bottomless with cover box can also be (when ordering);

    ◆ 3-5 minutes to adjust size, simple and quick;

    ◆ Nail head power for the servo motor, mechanical speed: 800 nail/minutes;

    ◆ Pieces paper department adopts the vacuum adsorption front belt paper make sure the carton is not skewed; The machine front feeder belts, belt height can be adjusted separately, increase service life;

    ◆ Pieces into the paper with side lapping device can send paper neatly smooth;

    ◆ Mixer feeding, feeding speed by PLC automatic control, guarantee won't appear the cartons nail nail not to come out or bad phenomenon; QD(Z)J-2200/2600/3200

    ◆ Mixer feeding machine adopt servo motor control, to ensure that the nail from the stable and accurate;

    ◆ This machine design have box plastic function, ensure no scissors in nailing, neatly not skew; Before and after the machine to ensure the scissors mouth can't more than plus or minus 2 mm;

    ◆ In pieces the machine can be double screw, single screw, strengthen nails, double end screw and single head screw one-time completion;

    ◆ The machine adopts computer screen operation, and display the fault description;

    ◆ In pieces the machine can be nailed three layer, five layer carton (statement in advance with order) is required for a seven layers;

    ◆ An automatic counting stacking quantitative output in pieces the machine finally.

    ◆ Pieces of native baling part for matching.

    ◆ Mixer machine during normal operation appear skewed, will automatically stop.


    maximum(A+B)*23000mmthe minimum length A250mm
    minimum(A+B)*2900mmthe maximum height D1150mm
    maximum(C+D+C)1200mmthe minimum height D250mm
    minimum(C+D+C)350mmNail tongue width E35-40mm
    the biggest shake cove C560mmMachine width4450mm
    the maximum width B1320mmMachine weight(T)25
    the minimum width B200mmspeed(nail/min)800
    Nail distance(mm)30-80Nailing speed120m/min
    Sticky box speed200m/minPower(kw)60


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